Marvel Digital 3DPro is a software framework that catalyzes the 2D to 3D content conversion. To achieve an efficient workflow and avoid a long day, go for Marvel Digital 3DPro Super Workstation. Working with the proprietary 3D processing and image enhancement software, Marvel Digital 3DPro Super Workstation tremendously saves time by 600% compared to other traditional conversion methods.

Features Highlights功能優勢

  • Cinematic 3D effect影院級3D效果
  • Time efficient 高效率
  • Cost effective 高性價比
  • ISO 27001 certified通過ISO27001認證
  • Real-time preview 實時預覽
  • Over 9 conversion modes 超過9種轉換模式

Compatible with Marvel Glasses-free (auto-stereoscopic) 3D displays 兼容萬維裸眼(自動立體)3D顯示屏

Marvel Digital 4KPro – 4K Upscaling Service

You will enjoy visual content like you have never experienced before, once converting 2K Full HD video to 4K UHD format with Marvel Digital 4KPro. It’s incredibly sharper with depth, details and stunning color as Marvel Digital 4KPro is excellent in noise and artifacts reduction, contrast and color enhancement, and texture detail recovery. More importantly, our dedicated team analyzes each scene, every shot and sequence to adjust upscaling parameters, highly achieving the best end results.

Features Highlights功能優勢

Super-resolution 超解析度

  • Example-based single-frame reconstruction 基於實例的智能單幅影像重建
  • Image degeneration model 影像退變模型
  • De-blur 去模糊
  • Edge sharpening 邊緣銳化
  • Texture detail recovery 修復細緻質感
  • HVS preferences配合人類視覺系統設定

Noise and ArtIfacts Reduction 消除雜訊及失真

  • De-blocking 消除方塊
  • De-ringing/mosquito 消除振鈴及蚊狀雜訊
  • Film grain removal 消除菲林微粒
  • Noise level estimation 雜訊評估
  • Jaggy artifacts reduction消除鋸齒
  • Compression artifacts reduction消除壓縮失真
  • Edge-preserving noise reduction消除雜訊並保留邊緣

Rich Enhancement 加強色彩

  • Style preserving contrast enhancement 保持風格而加強對比
  • Smart tone adjustment 智能色調調控
  • Skin tone preserving color enhancement保持膚色而加強色彩
  • Style preserving color enhancement 保持風格而加強色彩

Marvel Digital 3DCGPRO – CG Animation Conversion Service

Marvel Digital 3DCGPro provides a full-service solution for any CG animation projects, with capacity to create images of the highest quality. Here at MDPL, our talented technicians transform every CG scene into 3D format with massive details, to maximize the lifelike effect. Together with Marvel Digital’s UHD 4K upscaling solution, you can save a great deal of time on upscaling animation projects of varying complexity, from 2K to UHD 4K.

Features Highlights功能優勢

  • Professional conversion expert專業轉換技術團隊
  • Strategic render farm management 高速電腦群組繪製
  • Proprietary processes 專利處理技術
  • High reliability 穩定可靠
  • Clever algorithms 智慧型運算

Marvel Digital DRPro – Digital Restoration Solution

We have the best image manipulation tools for digital restoration. From video and color grading to film restoration, Marvel Digital DRPro creates excellent results in a smart way, improving image quality and operation speed like no others.

Features Highlights功能優勢

  • Stabilize 穩定鏡頭
  • Auto dirt/dust fix 去除髒點
  • Reconstruct frames畫格修復及重建
  • De-grain & re-grain清除及重建顆粒
  • Deflicker 去除閃爍(曝光校正)
  • Fix scratches 消除刮痕
  • De-wrap 去皺
  • De-noise & re-noise消除及重建雜訊


Our experienced team, with the latest hardware and software technologies like Marvel Digital VFXPro, knows no bounds. We make anything possible, from simple retouches to complex visual effects to animated feature films. Shining at creating highly complicated visual effects, our top-tier talents help clients tell stories wherever technology and creativity collide.


We love striking VR experiences. That’s why we strive to design and develop VR content to help you create an impactful environment interacting with the virtual world without boundaries. Apart from simulating space and fire scene that are not easily accessible, VR is getting popular in marketing strategy and commercial activities such as sports events, training courses, museums, property tours, education tutorials, healthcare and more. At the forefront of technology, we create seamless and interactive videos with full screen 360-degree virtual panoramas for any fields.