Marvel Digital 4KPro – 4K Upscaling Service

Marvel Digital 4KPro polishes and converts 2K Full HD video to 4K UHD format with visual enhancement. Its features include noise and artifacts reduction, texture detail recovery, and contrast and tone enhancement. In addition, the professionals at MDPL analyze each scene, shot, sequence and adjust upscaling parameters to achieve the best visual end results.

Features Highlights


  • Example-based single-frame reconstruction
  • Image Degeneration Model
  • De-blur
  • Edge Sharpening
  • Texture Detail Recovery
  • HVS Preferences

Noise and Artefacts Reduction

  • De-blocking
  • De-ringing / Mosquito
  • Film Grain Removal
  • Noise Level Estimation
  • Jaggy Artifacts Reduction
  • Compression Artifacts Reduction
  • Edge Preserving Noise Reduction

Rich Enhancement

  • Style Preserving Contrast Enhancement
  • Smart Tone Adjustment
  • Skin Tone Preserving Color Enhancement
  • Style Preserving Color Enhancement